Finally, A Cheaper Alternative To Public Rec’s All Day Every Day Pants

Finally, A Cheaper Alternative To Public Rec’s All Day Every Day Pants

Public Rec's All Day Every Day Pants Alternative - Rugged Black

Can you tell which one is Public Rec's ADED Pants from Rugged Black's Everyday Flex Athleisure Pants?

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I’m not going to lie. Public Rec makes some of the best pants/joggers in the market. They changed the game with the All Day Everyday Pants. Like many of you, I was bombarded with daily Facebook ads to try their gear. I finally took the plunge and spent $100 on a pair of sweatpants.

As soon as I tried them on, I was hooked. The material was luxurious. The fit was comfortable yet tapered. The design was simple. The only thing I couldn’t get over was the price.

In a mad dash to create the next “Lululemon for Men,” every athleisure brand went to the same playbook. Not noticing that men and women consumers are fundamentally different buyers.

We talk a lot about brand premium internally at Rugged Black. Brand premium allows Apple to charge double for their phones than comparable Android brands. It allows Nike to charge hundreds of dollars for shoes that cost a tenth of that to make all-in with overhead costs. Unfortunately, it allows Lululemon, Public Rec, and other athleisure brands to charge $100 for a pair of joggers that it costs a fraction to make. Snob pricing is our internal term.

At Rugged Black, we ain’t about that. We stand for old-school values, corporate responsibility, and a new brand of business. We want to offer the highest quality athleisure activewear at a fair price. In this series, we are taking aim at every other athleisure brand and comparing our bestselling products to theirs.

Today, we are comparing Rugged Black’s Everyday Flex Athleisure Pants and Public Rec’s All Day Every Day Pants.


The Breakdown:

 Comparing Public Rec ADED Pants to RBLK Everyday Flex Pants

All Day Everyday Pants by Public Rec

Public Rec's First All Day Everyday Design


A pair of All Day Everyday Pants will run you $98.

A lot of their ads acknowledge this price seems ridiculous but point to the positive reviews that say they are worth every penny. Personally, I love the ADED pants. I also think they are a tad overpriced. Can both be true?


With over 11,000 reviews with a 4.4 rating, they obviously hit a nerve.

Men want the same level of activewear quality that women enjoy. Nike and their amazing marketing department just don’t cut it anymore. Great products > Great Marketing

The Good (5-star reviews):

“Great pants! Work for almost any occasion!”
“They look classy while giving him the comfort he loves in his sweats.”
“Wow, these pants are super comfortable. I love them. They are amazing. They stretch wonderfully. And they look great. I play golf in them…”

The Bad (1-3 star reviews):

“Horrible customer service…”
“…found them to be very hot and uncomfortable. I feel like I wasted my money.”
“This product was not what I expected for $100!”

The Feel

When I’m wearing these joggers, I immediately feel the comfort. Looking in the mirror, I realize that the ADED joggers are acceptable wear outside the house. Sweatpants that look good? Impossible.

The fabric composition is the same nylon and spandex blend that the Everyday Flex Pants use – 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex.

Nylon rose to prominence in the 1930s due to the durability, stretchiness, and elastic recovery. Having nylon as a base fabric put the everyday in the All Day Every Day. It’s a strong fabric that holds up well. The spandex fabric is well known for its impressive stretchiness and softness.

For reference, women’s leggings use about double the amount of spandex composition than men’s performance sweats. So these pants are stretchy but not too stretchy.

A lot of reviews mention how thick the ADED Pants are. They have a medium weight thickness. Not as thick as jeans or other cotton joggers. But thicker than you expect from an everyday jogger.

Living in a colder climate, you will appreciate the thickness. The thickness of these pants gives them a more sophisticated look. We’ve all seen the cheap, Hanes black pants that look like pajamas. These ain’t that.

Public Rec All Day Everyday Pants

Don't judge my pair of Public Rec joggers. I've had them forever.


The All Day Everyday Pants from Public Rec are some of the most versatile pants in the market. I have no qualms wearing them in all but the most professional occasions. A friend of mine even wore them to a groom’s dinner before the wedding.

The reviews reference wearing them around the house, errands, golf, workout, office, home, etc. The name All Day Every Day Pants is as clear as it gets.


The All Day Every Day Pants have a minimalist look. These do not look like traditional cotton joggers. They are cut straight leg which means they have about the same width in the knee as the leg opening.

The pants are flat front and no other design elements other than the flap pockets on the back with a small Public Rec “P” logo. Other features include the faux fly, zippered side pockets, and drawstring waistband.

Public Rec All Day Everyday Pants Back Pockets


Unlike most joggers, the All Day Every Day Pants come in jean sizing. This feature was a game changer for me when I first bought Public Rec years ago. One of the main reasons many men felt uncomfortable wearing joggers in public is the fit.

Public Rec solved that problem by offering both waist and inseam options. If you wanted to keep your sweatpants inside the house, the bigger, baggier sweats would suffice. It’s only your family that sees you looking like MC Hammer.


The Verdict

Men absolutely love these pants. The number of 5-star reviews dwarfs the negative 1-star and 2-star reviews. The comfort, fit, and fabric are spot on.

That price tag tho. Some customers have extremely high expectations for that $100 price. As with any company, a few defective products are a fact of life.

Impeccable customer service is an expectation for the high-end customer spending $100 on a pair of sweatpants. Judging from the reviews, sometimes they miss the mark. 

Everyday Flex Athleisure Pants by Rugged Black 

Rugged Black Everyday Flex Pants  


At $79, our Everyday Flex Athleisure Pants cost 20% less than Public Rec’s pants. You save $20 every pair with the same money-back guarantee and free returns & exchanges.


To earn those savings, the trade-off is the reputation that Public Rec has built. We are about 5 years younger than Public Rec, so we have less reviews for a similar product.

Our pants have 62 reviews with a 4.9 rating.  

Which is less than comparable products at bigger activewear companies. However, each of our reviews holds a verified badge. This badge shows these reviews were from actual purchases from real customers.

The Good (5-star reviews):

“Love these new pants! Incredibly soft and stretchy…”
“Killer pants that are perfect for every day. I can run in them, go to the gym or the office…”
“You’ve got to give these a try. You won’t believe how comfortable they are…”


The Bad (1-3 star reviews):

“I truly don’t understand why there is an option to choose your inseam if it’s not going to be accurate…”
“The zippers feel cheap…”


The Feel

The look and feel of Rugged Black’s Everyday Flex Athleisure Pants are almost identical to the All Day Every Day Pants from Public Rec. The same luxurious material, tapered straight leg fit, and sizing options.

There’s only a 1% difference in fabric composition between the Everyday Flex and the All Day Everyday Pants. Our pants joggers are constructed using a nylon and spandex blend – 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex.

The biggest difference between our companies’ joggers is a slight difference in GSM – grams per square meter. This is the measure of a fabric's thickness. Our joggers are just a tad bit more breathable. But the difference is slight.

Our customers wear our joggers year round. I wear my Everyday Flex joggers mostly between 40 degrees and 75 degrees weather days.

 Rugged Black's Everyday Flex Pants


We designed the Everyday Flex Pants to be the perfect balance between comfort and style. We test our joggers constantly. That’s why we take it personally if a customer is not happy with the performance or fit of our gear.

Like the Public Rec ADED Pants, I cannot find an instance where I would not wear these pants outside occasions that require a suit or a white button-down. Our pants are just that versatile and classic.

I have a pair that I work out in since I clang and bang in a cold garage gym in Denver. I have a going out pair that I try to keep nice, which I don’t wash as often. I play with my son on the playground, go to the store, lounge around the house, etc.
My denim jeans gather dust in my closet. It’s hard to go back to denim after switching to a more comfortable alternative. 



Throughout our entire line, our design taste is minimalist. Like many companies such as Mack Weldon and Cuts Clothing, we occupy the everyday essentials category. Even though we brand ourselves modern streetwear athleisure.

Our flagship product, the Everyday Flex, sports the flat-front and clean lines like the All Day Every Day Pants.

For people that think we copied Public Rec’s design, when we started designing our Everyday Flex Pants, Public Rec’s All Day Every Day Pants looked different. Here’s a picture of what their pants used to look like when we started. Our pants look similar because of the lack of design.

The Everyday Flex Pants look more like comfortable slacks than joggers. This sophisticated look tows the line between active casual and semi-casual. Our goal was to create a jogger that you could wear outside the house.

We were surprised when we started getting reviews and emails from teachers, nurses, and other front-line personnel who love our pants and wear them for work. I believe that’s putting our performance-focused pants to great use!

Same as the All Day Every Day Pants, the Everyday Flex features include the faux fly, zippered back pockets, and drawstring waistband.

 The Very Best Athleisure Joggers on the Market


To get the perfect fit, we followed jean companies’ lead and made our joggers in waist and inseam sizing. Doing it that way is expensive for our small brand, but we believe it’s worth it. Our joggers go from a 30 inch waist up to 40 inch. The inseam length goes from 30 inches and 36 inches in most colors. 

The Verdict

The Everyday Flex Athleisure Pants are the perfect balance of comfort and style. If you love the Public Rec All Day Every Day Pants, you will love the Everyday Flex Pants. They are just as versatile, breathable, and cost 20% less.

 Public Rec All Day Everyday Pants Cheaper Alternative


In summary, we hope you found this comparison helpful when comparing our joggers to Public Rec’s All Day Every Day Pants. There are not that many differences. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to their bestselling pants, you cannot beat the Everyday Flex Athleisure Pants from Rugged Black.

The value of our Everyday Flex Athleisure Pants is some of the best in the market.

We pride ourselves on customer service. So we offer a no-bs money-back guarantee on our gear. We also pay for the return shipping. Don’t get more risk free than that.

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Matt Addison

Matt Addison

Hey Grace, I agree with you. We will be offering the additional inseam length soon!

Grace Alcocer

Grace Alcocer

I have the same question as Anthony. I buy Public Rec for my husband and was looking for a good knock off but you don’t have a 28" inseam. Probably half the male population is 5’7" or so.



Why can’t you make the Athleisisure pant in a 28 inseam? 30 inseam too long for me and that sways me towards Public Rec.

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