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Our Story

Our story began during a search for a better pair of athleisure joggers.

The pandemic forced many corporate offices to close. Like many men, I was forced to set up shop in my home office and work from home. My wardrobe consisted of jeans, slacks, and cotton joggers. Jeans were uncomfortable. Slacks were too formal. And my cotton joggers looked ridiculous. I needed a balance between comfort, style, and performance.

Searching for a better pair of pants, I came across two issues. Athleisure activewear for men was either 1) overpriced or 2) underperforming. Female-focused brands pivoting to men charge over $128 for a pair of joggers. Mega shoe companies charge just as much but lack the quality of other athleisure competitors.

In short, the athleisure movement overlooked men. I wanted to change that. That’s why we created Rugged Black. Our joggers, hoodies, and henleys are engineered to be comfortable, stylish, and easier on the wallet. Our joggers come in jean-sizing. Our hoodies and henleys are fit for athletes.

Rugged Black has a simple vision—create premium athleisure activewear without the price tag.

Focusing on fabric, performance, and fit is how we deliver the best damn athleisure wear on the planet. Simply put, we make quality athleisure wear for men with rough edges. Finally, athleisure made for athletes.

-Matt Addison Co-founder of Rugged Black

Long Live The Rugged. God Bless The Bold.

Customer Reviews

Everyday Flex Pants

Most Comfortable Pants

Picked up these pants a few weeks ago and they are incredible. Most comfortable pair of pants I own and they look more stylish than most of my dress pants.
G. McQueen

Dec 14, 2020

Everyday Flex Pants

New Go-To Pants

Great fit, stretch, and comfort. Practically living in the 2 pairs I got. Definitely will be great [for] an outdoor workout. Excellent for working from home and running errands.
M. Tassinari

Dec 09, 2020

Rugged Hoodie

Way Too Often

This hoodie does so much - plenty of shade from the hood, keeps warm without sweating, deep pockets. Only problem is keeping it clean as it quickly became my most used hoodie.

Rugged Hoodie

J. BuAbbud

Dec 03, 2020

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