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Rugged Quality, Black Label

Rugged Quality, Black Label

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At Rugged Black, we’re not really into lofty manifestos or overly arrogant mission statements.

We make clothes–the very best athleisure wear on the planet but clothes nonetheless.

We’re not cocky enough to tell people how to live. Or that we are changing the world through fashion.

But we do strive to be more than just an apparel company.


We strive to be a company of old-school values and responsibility. 

Principles and honor over shareholder value. Maximizing profits will never be our chief priority.


We believe in the golden rule. 

In all of our interactions, we treat our customers, suppliers, employees, and partners the way we would want to be treated. We hold ourselves and everyone we work with to these high standards.

We believe in giving back. 

As long as we are a private company, we will practice tithing (the practice of giving 10% of profits) to worthy causes. We will campaign relentless encouraging other companies to give back to the customers that create their value.

Our gorilla logo’s name is Mac. 

He embodies the ethos of the company. Powerfully built. Aggressively bold. Rugged in both demeanor and thought. A dominant contender within a particular sphere of operation or activity. That’s the company we want to create and the men we want to support.

Many people ask us where the name Rugged Black came from.    


Rugged in Strength. Black Label Luxury.