Rugged Leather Bag

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The Rugged Leather Bag is designed to be your go-to bag. Use it as a laptop bag with enough pockets to handle all your gear. Use it as a stylish diaper bag if you are out with your little ones. With waterproof interior lining and reinforced stitching and straps, this bag can take a beating and still age better than a bottle of vintage red wine.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Milligan
An heirloom quality bag

I love how this bag is meant to be broken in like a saddle. I live above 10,000’ in the Colorado Rockies and we look for items that last out here. Someday one of my kids or grandkids will treasure it as much as I do.

Great Bag!

My husband has almost had this bag close to a year and he really likes it. He also gets so many compliments on it, "That is a great looking bag"! It also keeps him organized because it is so roomy.
Everything from Rugged Black is such great quality and also is quickly shipped!

Keith Butcher
Worth it!

This bag was designed for the guy that has a lot of Sh**. There’s different straps and pockets so all your stuff Isnt all bunched together. Every time I bring out it’s definitely head turner