Reviewing Rhone’s Spar Jogger, Read This Before You Waste Your Money

Reviewing Rhone’s Spar Jogger, Read This Before You Waste Your Money

 Rhone Spar Joggers

  • Rhone’s Spar Joggers are some of the most comfortable joggers on the market.
  • Made with tri-blend fabric and sporty look, Rhone produced a great athleisure product.
  • But can they beat Rugged Black’s Everyday Flex Comfort Jogger? Nah.


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Rhone and their “Pursuit of Progress” produces high-end athleisure wear with eye-watering price points. Similarly to Lululemon, Rhone’s strengths lies transforming their clothes into a status symbol. Each one of their pieces we reviewed was thoughtfully crafted and versatile.

Today, we are reviewing Rhone’s Spar Joggers and comparing them to our Everyday Comfort Joggers.

While we believe Rhone’s joggers are very good, they cannot compete with our Everyday Comfort Athleisure Joggers for three reasons:

  1. the price difference (ours being 40% cheaper),
  2. the fabric used (our use of soft, sustainable fabrics),
  3. matching quality and versatility


Tale of the Tape:

Spar Joggers by Rhone

I hate when companies don’t put the fabric composition on the product page. Is it a mystery? Judging by the wash care instructions, you really have to baby these bad boys.

Price (Rhone Spar Jogger)


From a macro-perspective, Rhone prices their wears like a premium product, similarly to an Apple or Lululemon. The quality is definitely there, but not when compared to other comparable brands such as ours, Public Rec, or Vuori.

The goal here is to become a status symbol. Which is highly profitable. Just ask fast-growing Lululemon. Rhone’s first major store was Bloomingdales. It makes sense. Whether that makes sense regarding men’s fashion…we shall see.

Reviews (Rhone Spar Jogger)

200+ reviews with a 4.6 rating

Unlike other brands we’ve reviewed, Rhone has modest review counts when compared to other athleisure brands established around the same time. That’s due to them not focusing solely on DTC like others.

The reviews were stellar.

If the customer liked the joggers, they usually mentioned three things:

  1. Material (super comfortable)
  2. Quality (being per usual for Rhone’s products)
  3. Versatility (the sporty looks clean, modern, and refined)

Customers who disliked/returned the joggers had three main problems with them.

  1. Fit (runs a bit large around the waist)
  2. Durability (beginning to pill after a few washes)
  3. Value ($128 for a pair of joggers)

The Fit and Feel (Rhone’s Spar Joggers)

My first impression when putting on these joggers was the buttery soft tri-blend material. Unlike the Winter Club Pant which is meant to be more performance focused (and swishy), the Spar Joggers are a lot more comfortable than almost any jogger in their lineup.

The fabric is mid-weight. If you wear these in the summer, be careful. These will run a little hot (in and around 80+ degree weather) especially in black.

Unlike some of the reviews, for me, the fit was not too much of a problem. I did have to exchange the XL for a XXL even though I wear 38W jeans, joggers, etc. The drawstring makes the larger waist somewhat of a non-issue.


Many reviews point out that the length of these joggers seems a little longer than what is stated – 29” inseam. When I tried them on, I had to agree. It seems to give you an extra inch by the way they hang – coming out to a 30” inseam.

Summary (Rhone Spar Jogger)

The Spar Joggers’ hype is warranted. If you can fit your fit, they are a great purchase. These joggers are comfortable and versatile. That price tag is absurd though. Especially compared to quality alternatives.

Everyday Flex Comfort Jogger by Rugged Black

Price (RBLK Comfort Jogger)


With all of our products, Rugged Black strives to offer a premium product without the premium price.

Many athleisure companies use absurd pricing to signal brand quality. Thinking consumers associate the high price with a premium product. “If it cost this much, it must be high-end.”

Rather than price being the indicator of Rugged Black’s brand quality, we allow our products to speak for themselves. No athleisure company will beat us on value.

Reviews (RBLK Comfort Jogger)

9 Reviews with a 5.0 Star Rating

Unfortunately, being a newer, non-venture-backed company, we are relatively unknown. That’s one of the reasons we’re writing these comparison articles to spread the word. Our Everyday Flex Comfort Joggers is a new product to follow our highly-successful Everyday Flex Athleisure Joggers.

Our early reviews are outstanding.

In our 5-star reviews, they usually mentioned three things.

  1. Comfort (the most comfortable jogger they’ve ever owned)
  2. Fit (true to size modern athletic fit)
  3. Durability (versatility to handle almost anything)


While we don’t have any negative reviews, I will share a couple of things I would like to change.

  1. Color Options (add 2-3 additional colors)
  2. Zippered Pockets (to reduce the flaring of the side pockets)
  3. Thoughtful Details (add more premium pocket material and internal key pocket)


The Fit and Feel (RBLK Comfort Jogger)

My continued evaluation of our Comfort Joggers is these are the most comfortable joggers on the market. These have the same buttery soft feel as the Spar Joggers with the added benefit of being sustainable.

The fabric composition is 88% recycled polyester and 12% spandex.


This creates a soft, breathable and stretchy product that has versatile uses for every season. The fabric is 285 gsm (grams per square meter). This converts to around 9.5 oz. This means our joggers straddles the line between light and mid-weight.

The fit of these joggers are goldilocks. It’s not too tight to restrict movement. They aren’t too baggy to look sloppy. That are comfortable feeling while having that modern athleisure style.

With that being said, our products use real world, true to size sizing. In Rhone’s Spar Joggers, I wore a XXL. In Rugged Black, I wear an regular XL.

The inseam length ranges from 30L to 32L for the larger sizes.

Summary (RBLK Comfort Jogger)

Offering superior value and comfort, it’s an easy choice choosing between the Spar Jogger from Rhone and the Everyday Comfort Jogger from Rugged Black.

If you wanted to try out a pair, we offer 20% off your first order (use promo code: RSPAR20) and money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

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