10% of Our Profits Will Go Towards These Causes

Our Commitment

Corporate responsibility is in the DNA of Rugged Black. 

We stand for respect, integrity, and doing right by people. Respect for our people and the environment, Integrity in our products and pricing, and Doing Right by our customers. Being Rugged emcompasses all of these things.

No fluff, marketing gimmicks, or empty promises. Our commitment to corporate responsibility extends to our bottom line.

We commit 10% of our profits to these two areas.

  1. Inspire and Support Entrepreneurs From Underrepresented Groups
  2. Reduce Our Environmental Impact Through Sustainability


We are not currently sustainable. The cost and minimum order quantities (MOQs) necessary to become a sustainable company makes it difficult for a bootstrapped company. It's a significant investment even large companies struggle with. We are willing to make that investment in the future by utilizing recycled and organic fabrics, eliminating plastic in our packaging and using biodegradable packaging, and requiring responsible manufacturing processes in all our suppliers.

We are committed to sustainability - one product, one package, one process at a time.


Corporate Responsibility Starts With You

Don't support short-term, profit-chasing companies. Hold businesses accountable. Every dollar is a vote.


We believe the "profits at all cost" mindset is dangerous for the environment, terrible for employees, and bad for consumers in the long-term. 

At Rugged Black, profits are not our primary motivator. Making the most money possible does not drive any of our business decisions. 

We are taking a risk by believing. If we build a brand based on doing things the right way - doing right by our customers, the environment, employees, and greater society - customers will support that company over companies solely focused on profit-maximizing and make our society worse.



Aren't you fed up with companies who don't give a damn?