Lululemon Men’s Bestsellers Haul- License to Train and Surge Joggers, Reviewed & Compared

Lululemon Men’s Bestsellers Haul- License to Train and Surge Joggers, Reviewed & Compared

I bought two pair of Lululemon’s bestselling joggers. I’m excited to review and compare each one, so you don’t have to spend $250.

Lululemon Men's Joggers

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Not going to lie, as a competitor, I am envious of Lululemon. The entire athleisure industry is envious of Lululemon. 

Like Apple, Lululemon built a great fanbase - active, price-insensitive, and loyal. Only Lululemon can post a stat line like this and still be sold out nonstop. The benefit of having a powerful brand.

Lululemon is one of the most valuable in the world, estimated at $18 billion dollars (85% increase yoy).

3.4 stars, 13,000+ reviews.

On Amazon, the average review rate is around 2%. 2 out of 100 orders will write a review. Assuming Lululemon is a little higher at 3%, Lululemon sold over 430k pairs of this product. 

Even with a 3.4 rating! If not for the Lululemon brand, this product would not sell well. 

Lululemon taught me valuable lessons by reviewing their products. Products don’t sell. Brands do. 

In this week’s Lululemon Haul, I’m reviewing two of their bestselling men’s joggers - License to Train Joggers and Surge Joggers.

The License to Train Jogger (LTT) is a relatively new product. The Surge Jogger has been out for a while but recently underwent an update. We’re going to see how they stack up to our Everyday Comfort Joggers.

Let’s get funky.

The Tale of the Tape

Lululemon Men's Alternative Joggers

License to Train Joggers Review (Lululemon)

 License to Train Joggers Lululemon

Price (License to Train)


At $128, these joggers are some of the most expensive in the athleisure segment. 

With the intricate design, thoughtful details, and strong brand image, customers don’t balk at the price. It’s a hallmark of Lululemon’s prestige pricing strategy. 

Some reviewers note Lululemon’s quality doesn’t warrant the high price tag. But the value of paying $128 for a pair of joggers is having other people KNOW you paid that much for joggers.

Tucker Dawson from ProfitWell states it perfectly:

The theory is that customers will pay higher prices for the right image and won’t investigate whether the price accurately reflects the value. In [Lululemon’s] case the brand communicates value, not the specific nature of the product.

Reviews (License to Train)

66 reviews with a 4.0 rating

From Lululemon’s standards, the verdict is still out on these joggers. Many of Lululemon’s bestselling products sit around 3.5-4.0 rating. So these are at the higher end of that range.

Many of their products have thousands of reviews and years of product history. These joggers aren’t necessarily new (2020). But newer than their ABC Joggers (2018).

However, as some reviewers pointed out, these joggers are very short and have a cheap-feeling fabric. 

The Good:

  • “They are great every day and golf pants, so comfy and every detail is perfect.”
  • “I've been looking for a durable, breathable jogger. These seem to be the ticket.”
  • “The material is light but resilient. And it dries really quickly.”

The Bad:

  • “I had high hopes. Cheap feel and design for the price point.”
  • “The older pants used to be longer…the length is not ideal and doesn't perform how they used to.”
  • “The material is much lighter, and honestly, cheaper feeling. There is no more elastic/mesh/dri-fit aspect on the inseams”

Selected Reviews

My opinion is somewhat positive. Neither good nor bad.

I like the overall experience. But the fit is problematic. The different textured polyester fabrics, technical feel, and zippered pockets are the positives. The negatives are the price, the tight fit around the legs, and the short length. 

 Lululemon License to Train Men's Joggers

Do I think the License to Train Joggers are worth $128? Definitely Not.
Do I understand why customers pay that price? Yes. Worth signaling.


But I think that’s the point of buying many of Lululemon’s products. 

Fit and Feel (License to Train)

Throughout their product line, Lululemon caters to the small to average built guy. The License to Train Jogger is no different.

My first impressions putting on the License to Train Joggers center on the tight fit around the waist and the short length. The reviews were right. Their size chart does not reflect actual size.

Usually, you can rely on a product’s size chart. But that’s always not the case. A company’s size charts are closely held trade secrets. It’s not an industry standard. You know this intuitively. The same size varies from brand to brand.

I measured the waistband to see how accurate the size chart was to the actual size. Looks to be 2” off.

I’m a tall guy with muscular legs. So these joggers hug me like a glove. But not in a good way. The short length makes me look like I have on capris. I would have preferred more room throughout the waist and thigh area. 

I would not purchase these joggers if you were on the edges of their size chart - height or waist. These training joggers restrict my movement during interval training, running, and squats. 

The fabric composition is a polyester spandex blend–91% recycled polyester and 9% spandex (body) and 53% recycled polyester, 43% polyester, and 4% spandex (contrast).

These athleisure joggers feel very technical and outdoorsy. Some reviewers love the lightweight, almost papery fabric. Others hate it. I fall in the middle. I neither love nor hate it. 

I understand why Lululemon designers made this choice of fabric. I also understand why the negative reviews call this fabric “cheap.”

Used as designed (workout/training pants) some customers feel that the lightness of the fabric sacrifices durability, i.e. won’t stand up to a beating in the gym. Others have faith they will. 

I don’t know the answer as I have not worn these extensively yet. Only time will tell. But they claim to be abrasion-resistant.

Design & Use (License to Train)

As the name denotes, the License to Train joggers are made for training.

There are four requirements I look for in workout clothes.

  1. Keep Me Dry
  2. Don’t Restrict Movement
  3. Withstand 40-50 Washings (6 Months)
  4. Have Pockets for My Wallet, Keys, & Phone

Unfortunately, these joggers don’t tick all the boxes for me.

Despite what the reviews say, these joggers are not breathable. That’s just fanboy talk. Woven Polyester, which these joggers are made of, is not breathable. However, the LTT Joggers are lightweight, durable, and have a high level of versatility with the pockets and structured design. 

It’s hard for a fabric to be both durable AND breathable. 

To be breathable, it has to be light, airy and stretchy. You need holes, space, and airflow. Fabrics with these qualities pill, snag, and tear more easily. The tradeoff is breathable fabric is more comfortable than durable fabrics.

To be durable, you need a fabric with tight-knit construction, ability to hold its structure, and strength bordering on being rough. Fabrics with these qualities are great for outdoors, abrasion-resistant, and easier to upkeep.

You can’t have it both ways. That’s why graphene was such a big deal in textiles. Its chemical properties lend to it being able to deliver both. But polyester can’t.

These joggers are more durable and structured rather than comfortable and breathable.

The thoughtful details of the License to Train Joggers are clear throughout the design. 

The main LTT features include a drawstring can be worn on the inside or out, three zippered pockets (2 side, 1 back), and laser cut holes around the knee. The front of the joggers have the same big front panels as the ABC Joggers.

A quick word of caution when buying Lululemon gear.

Check the quality of the stitching especially around the seams and intersections.

Given the price, you don't want to buy defective pants. My particular pairs of Lululemon had a few minor stitching issues (not major). But my ABC Joggers has the entire pocket sewn shut. I'm glad I didn't rip the tag off.

Summary (License to Train)

The License to Train Joggers are a great athleisure option for workout joggers.

If you loved the pants, you loved the lightweight fabric, the tight fit, and technical design. 

If you hated them, you hated the fit, durability, and the perceived quality. 

Lululemon regularly updates their products with different fabrics and sizing options (i.e. tall and short options), but many reviewers preferred the old License to Train Joggers rather than the newer ones (see review above).


Surge Joggers Review (Lululemon)

Price (Surge)


Coming in at $10 less than the License to Train Jogger is the Surge Jogger. Surprisingly, these joggers received more negative reviews about being a terrible value more than the License to Train. Maybe because of the more simple design?

If you type in “quality” into their Review Search Bar, you will get 41 results. Two-thirds of the reviews negatively rate these pants for value and quality.

No one gripes at the cost when the quality is clear.

Reviews (Surge)

279 reviews with a 3.8 rating

The reviews for the Surge Joggers are not good. Unlike the License to Train Joggers, the conclusion is pretty clear. These joggers are not Lulu’s best work.

The raw rating numbers aren’t problematic. It’s what the reviews say that’s scathing.

Reviewers complain about two main issues- the waistband and durability/quality.

The Good:

  • “Great fit but very expensive for what you get.”
  • “Stretchy and thin! Perfect joggers or lounge pants”
  • “The materials and cut are dialed in for comfort and movement. The front pockets are generous and the soft zip pulls are a nice touch.”

The Bad:

  • “These joggers are awful and falling apart after maximum of 5 casual wears and no wash yet.”
  • “Weird size loose on legs feels like they going to rip.”
  • “The waistband is very tight and doesn't have hardly any stretch to it at all.”

Selected Reviews

Fit and Feel (Surge)

I was surprised how much I liked these joggers, given their rating.

When I put on the Surge Joggers, the first thing I noticed was how light they felt. The fabric was soft, lightweight, and stretchier than the License to Train. I ordered the “Surge Joggers Tall” version, so they weren’t too short.

However, if I would have ordered the regular Surge Joggers, I would have the same issues as the License to Train Joggers.

The only thing I could feel while walking around is the tight fit around the ankle. This minor complaint was a non-factor because of the zippered bottom cuffs.

The fabric composition is a nylon spandex blend–79% recycled nylon and 21% spandex. 

Similar to the License to Train, the nylon fabric is woven, not knit. However, it’s not as stiff as the License to Train joggers. The higher spandex content of the Surge Joggers makes this pair of joggers stretchier. 

I have a theory why these joggers have durability issues. The combination of low fabric density (gsm), woven construction, and the product’s intended use (running) is too hard on the fabric which makes the Surge Joggers lend to tears and rips.

Design & Use (Surge)

The Surge Joggers are made for running during the Spring and Fall months. 

Combing through the reviews, men love lounging in these as well. They are definitely more lounging-appropriate than the License to Train. They are softer and stretchier because of the increase in spandex content.

The design is minimalist. No back pockets. No front pocket panels. No contrasting fabrics. The only notable feature is the zippered ankle openings. For me, that’s not a bad thing. I prefer simple design.

With the absence of back pockets, these joggers are less versatile than Lululemon’s ABC Joggers, Vuori’s Sunday Performance Joggers, or Rugged Black’s Everyday Flex Athleisure Joggers. 

Because of the durability issues, I wouldn’t use these as Lululemon intended, as running joggers. They are comfortable enough for weight training or lounging.

Summary (Surge)

The Surge Joggers are comfortable, airy, and cheaper than other Lululemon workout joggers. But given the durability issues, I would not recommend these. 

If you are spending over $118 for a pair of pants, not lasting over 4-5 washes is unforgivable. Multiple reviews complained about this.

They come over 9 colors and two different lengths, so there is a lot of variety.

If you loved the Surge Joggers, you liked the lightweight fabric, minimalist design, and ankle zipper opening. 

If you hated them, you were disappointed in the quality, waistband tightness, and papery, cheap feeling fabric.

Unfortunately, I side with the negative reviews on this product. I am disappointed in the quality of these joggers, particularly the stitching. The Surge Joggers sell pretty well, so I think Lululemon will fix the issues with these with a subsequent product update.


Everyday Comfort Joggers (Rugged Black)

Price (Everyday Comfort Joggers)


The Everyday Comfort Joggers cost around 40% less than Lululemon’s License to Train and Surge Joggers. Which equates to $50 savings per pair.

No one cares about the $50 price difference if the quality is not comparable.

Can the Everyday Comfort Joggers compete against the best of Lululemon Men’s Workout Wear?

Reviews (Everyday Comfort Joggers)

12 Reviews with a 5.0 Rating

Our recently released Everyday Comfort Joggers have great initial reviews. We have a long way to go to have the same reach as Lululemon, Vuori, or Public Rec.

The Good (5-star reviews):

  • “These joggers are the best I’ve ever owned. They are soft, comfortable, durable, and looks great.”
  • “Great fit, quality fabric and holds up during workouts…”
  • “Best Joggers on the market”
  • “You’ve got to give these a try. You won’t believe how comfortable they are…”

The Bad (1-3 star reviews):

  • No zippered side pockets
  • Need more color and inseam options

Selected Reviews

Fit and Feel (Everyday Comfort Joggers)

The biggest difference between our activewear joggers and Lululemon’s joggers is the roomier fit and softer feeling fabric.

When I put on the Everyday Comfort Joggers, they feel silky and comfortable. The thick comfort waistband and extra room around the thighs offer a different level of comfort than the Lululemon joggers. 

The fabric composition is 88% recycled polyester and 12% spandex blend. Our goal is to become a fully sustainable, environmentally conscious company. This product is the first step. We made an investment to source recycled fabric which is significantly more expensive.

I wear one size smaller in Rugged Black than I do in Lululemon. In Lululemon, I barely fit in a XXL. In Rugged Black, I wear XL comfortably.

In this product, Rugged Black’s sizing goes from small to XXL. The inseam length for the Everyday Comfort joggers floats based on the waist–ranging from 30” to 32”. 

As a taller guy, I appreciate a couple more inches in length. These joggers will hit around the ankle.

Design & Use (Everyday Comfort Joggers) 

We design every product for maximum comfort. Being an athleisure-focused activewear brand, we believe comfort above all else. That doesn’t mean that we sacrifice performance.

Comfort. Performance. Versatility.

These joggers have the “traditional” jogger look (i.e. the stretchy waistband and cuffed ankle bottoms). These aren’t for business casual settings. But they are perfect for literally every other occasion. 

The rule of thumb is if a woman can sport stretchy black leggings in this setting, the Everyday Comfort are appropriate as well.

Similar to the Surge Joggers, the Everyday Comfort Joggers features a faux fly, and moisture wicking fabric. However, you also get a few extra features such as a more breathable fabric and back pockets. The Everyday Comfort Joggers do not have zippers on any of the pockets. 

This is something we will look into future releases.

Summary (Everyday Comfort Joggers)

The Everyday Comfort Joggers have a soft luxurious feeling fabric with a traditional jogger look. The versatility of these joggers will rival any pair on the market. 

Although “Comfort” is in the name, reviewers praised the Everyday Comfort Joggers for being able to take a beating in the gym. 

Compared to the License to Train and Surge Joggers, the Everyday Comfort Joggers are slightly thicker but more breathable because of the stretchiness of the knit fabric.

With the newness and youth of both the product and brand, customers will have to rely more heavily on the money-back guarantee and free returns than a more established brand with more reviews.


The Verdict

Hopefully, you found these reviews helpful - reviewing Lululemon’s License to Train and Surge Joggers. We threw in a comparison with our Everyday Comfort Joggers to give you a better option if you are looking to splurge on a great pair of training jogging pants.

The value of our Everyday Flex Athleisure Pants is some of the best in the market. 

If you will take a chance on an up-and-coming activewear company, we offer a no-BS money-back guarantee on our gear. We also pay for the return shipping. Don’t get more risk free than that.


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